Training Webinars

NetMAR has planned various training activities, to be undertaken within the framework of exchanges and expert visits. These activities are structured around the four NetMAR clusters, cover editorial and journal-hosting matters (including open access), research funding, and project management and administration and are aimed at NetMAR members (ESRs and senior team members) only.

The webinars are by invite only.

The 1st NetMAR webinar, organised by SDU, took place (online, via Zoom) on 24 November 2021 (2-4pm CET) and will be led by Paola Galimberti (University of Milan). This webinar ran under the title ‘Riviste.unimi: A Scholar-ler Publishing Platform’ and revolved around the history, growth, and capabilities of open journal systems (OJS) such as the one at the University of Milan. Please click here for the 1st NetMAR Webinar poster.

The 2nd NetMAR webinar, organised by ZeMas of UNI BA, will take place (online, via Zoom) on 16 November 2022 (15:00 – 17:30 pm CET) and will be led by Sebastian Hillebrand and Dr Anette Kremer (Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BIG), UNI BA). This webinar will run under the title ‘How to Become a Sciencepreneur’ and will revolve around a brief introduction to entrepreneurial mindset and a first roadmap to start a business as a medievalist.

A less noticed, yet powerful, way of exploiting research results is by starting a company and delivering value to customers. While the two worlds – science and business – are quite different, it is worth considering business startup opportunities. This webinar will deal with the following questions:

  • What does it mean to be a sciencepreneur?
  • What are the major challenges for scientists in a business startup process?
  • What mindset is required?
  • How could any business opportunities be taken into consideration and put into practice?

Please address any questions to Michaela Pölzl (ZeMas, UNI BA) at

You can find below, the 2nd NetMAR Webinar Poster.