Stakeholders Workshops

Members of the NetMAR consortium have planned workshops and meetings with interested stakeholders (industry, policy makers and public agencies) to define targets, limitations and prospects of collaboration. The first NetMAR Stakeholder Workshop took place between 9am and 12pm in the morning of 26th January 2022 at the “Andreas Patsalides” hall of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

Stakeholder Workshops are addressed towards interested stakeholders (public agencies, policy makers, and industry). During these workshops, knowledge is exchanged and specific ways of collaboration are identified.

The stakeholder workshops are hosted in Cyprus.

NetMAR first Stakeholders Workshop:
“Creative Tourism and Medieval Arts and Rituals in Cyprus

The workshop provided the opportunity for the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices between a broad network of academics, industry experts, policy makers, and key actors of local and governmental agencies in an informal and friendly environment.

The keynote speaker of the workshop was Ms Caroline Couret, the renowned founder of the Creative Tourism Network based in Barcelona. Ms Couret spoke on the subject of “Creative Tourism as a New Way to Experience Heritage” and explain the fundamental principles of creative tourism, which promotes tourism linked to the local culture of a place and promotes active participation in creative activities, linked to a place’s heritage and identity.

The workshop featured Dr Stavroula Constantinou, Project Coordinator of NetMAR, an international network that pairs the University of Cyprus and its recently launched Centre for Medieval Arts & Rituals (CeMAR) with two advanced research centres: the Centre for Medieval Literature at the University of Southern Denmark and the Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of Bamberg in Germany. Dr Constantinou will speak on the subject of “Bridging Academia and Industry: The Network for Medieval Arts & Rituals”.

One of the chief missions of NetMAR is to bring together academics, industry experts, local and governmental authorities and NGOs, and policy-makers with a view to finding exciting and original ways in which the rich medieval heritage of Cyprus can be mobilised for social and economic benefit. The medieval history of Cyprus, its long and rich heritage of medieval rituals and arts, can make Cyprus an even more desirable destination for tourists than currently is, while this heritage can also be commercialised by local industries and businesses.

NetMAR is committed to soliciting the views and advice of experts from local industry and SMEs, from artists and artisans, local, municipal and state organisations from all over Cyprus. This workshop is part of a series of three events (a second workshop and a networking conference) will seek to do exactly that, and we would be honoured and grateful to have you with us.

NetMAR first Stakeholders Workshop

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