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Welcome Nibelungs! The Burgundians’ Arrival in Etzel’s Kingdom in the Codex Hundeshagen

By Dr. Nadine Hufnagel, University of Bamberg
Most of the illustrations in the only fully illustrated manuscript of the Nibelungenlied (Codex Hundeshagen) do not show action scenes. Instead, they depict primarily situations of courtly ritual, especially scenes of reception and farewell. Nadine Hufnagel of the University of Bamberg explores how text and image work together to foreshadow the further development of the story, when the Burgundians arrive at Etzel’s court.

Fig. 2 Paris, cathedral of Notre-Dame before the fire of 15 April 2019 (Photo: Uoaei1 / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Regrowing Maimed Spires as an Act of Rebuilding Collectivity

By Michalis Olympios, University of Cyprus.
When did French sensitivity to the significance of medieval architectural patrimony emerge? How does Gothic architecture becomes a timeless symbol of national unity? The historian of Western medieval art Michalis Olympios of the Centre for Medieval Arts & Rituals at the University of Cyprus discusses how the restoration of maimed spires functions as an act of rebuilding collectivity. 


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