Gerlinde Gangl

Gerlinde Gangl is a PhD student at the University of Bamberg. Her research interests include medieval and early modern archaeology, ‘realia’ (e.g. miniatures, sculptures, and punishment equipment), (historio-)phraseology and expressions deriving from various legal backgrounds (e.g. legal rituals, symbolism, and penalties). Her supervisors are Prof. Stefanie Stricker (Bamberg, German philology) and Prof. Gernot Kocher (Graz, legal history).

Gerlinde holds a MA in the Joint Master’s Degree Program ‘Medieval and Early Modern German Studies’ from the Universities of Bamberg and Graz. In her MA thesis (‘Deutsche Rechts-WortSchätze’), she collected and analysed more than 300 contemporary metaphorical expressions with origins in law.

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