Eventum Journal

One of the key deliverables of NetMAR is the setting up of a world-class scientific journal: Eventum: A Journal of Medieval Arts & Rituals.

Eventum will be the first international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and open access Humanities journal coming out of a Cypriot university. But it will also be the first journal dedicated to the ritual dimensions of medieval arts, and to the overlaps between visual, literary, and performing works.

Eventum aims to reposition medieval arts and rituals and to provide an international and congenial forum for the presentation and discussion of research of all medieval arts. Eventum is interested in how these arts interact within the framework of various rituals.

Eventum will also provides a platform for the examination the relationship between medieval, later, and modern arts and rituals. The research promoted by Eventum, which aims at publishing the best new scholarship in a transparent and efficient way, is situated at the crossing of various disciplines: history, archaeology, art history, philology, literature, philosophy, theology, anthropology, and musicology.

The first volume is planned for publication in 2023.