One of the key aims of NetMAR is to involve in its workings a wide variety of voices and to foster dialogue.

Through a series of monthly blogposts, NetMAR members and affiliates will share their insights, original research, ideas and opinions concerning medieval arts and rituals with the community in a way that is accessible and, crucially, inviting of everyone’s thoughts and responses. We welcome everyone’s feedback – so please do not hesitate to get in touch to let us know what you think.

Among the subjects that will be broached in our monthly posts are the following:

  • What do we mean by heritage and how can we protect it?
  • How do medieval arts and rituals survive in contemporary theatre?
  • Manuscripts produced in medieval Cyprus for church rituals.
  • Storytelling in monastic contexts
  • Rituals of medieval breastfeeding
  • A Cistercian nunnery in medieval Nicosia
  • The architecture and murals of the church of the Transfiguration at Sotera

As well as established researchers sharing their expert insights, the NetMAR blog will offer a platform for Early-Stage Researchers to showcase their work. NetMAR is working with a number of PhD students who are doing extraordinary work on various aspects relating to medieval arts and rituals. In specially commissioned posts, Early Stage Researchers attached to NetMAR will offer their own unique takes on such matters as:

  • The Venetian period in Cyprus and the relationships between lords and citizens
  • The history of medieval agriculture in Cyprus and the long history of landscape
  • Burial ceremonial and sculpture during the time of the Lusignans in Cyprus
  • Byzantine texts and monument epigraphs.

At the same time, it is our hope that the blog will host posts by members of the wide network of stakeholders associated with the project. NetMAR is establishing links with local industry and various tourist organisations, including, for example, the Nicosia Tourist Board (NTB). In this blog, NetMAR members will describe the different ways in which specialist research conducted within NetMAR can reach the wider community.

Posts will appear here and will be advertised on all of our social media.

Image created by Alexander Pelz

The past is a foreign country: Medievalism and Time Travel Narratives

By Sarah Böhlau.
From the moment the time travel narrative entered human imagination at the end of the 19th century, opening doors to both past and future, the medieval period has held a special point of interest for many storytellers. Examining the foreign period through the lens of temporal tourism provides a unique way to relate to the past – and rituals are important support structures in this journey.


Medieval Rituals, the Arts, and the Notion of Medievalism

By Nils Holger Petersen.
In principle, aesthetic evaluation is not essential for judging the successfulness of rituals. The aesthetic value of song, however, was instrumental for the function of medieval liturgical rituals. Elements of these, gradually received into the modern arts, question the distinction between the medieval and medievalism.


The Seven Deaths of Maria Callas, by Marina Abramović

by Christos Hadjiyiannis.
In her latest work, Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović stars as Maria Callas. The work opened at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich on 3 September 2020. In his review of the opera, Dr Christos Hadjiyiannis, Scientific Project Manager of NetMAR, suggests that the opera borrows much from late antique and early medieval texts that thematise the suffering of Christian women.


What kind of heritage do ancient and medieval texts constitute?

by Lars Boje Mortensen.
The NetMAR project is seeking to better understand and promote local heritage by bridging the disciplines of art history, literature, musicology, history and more – all under the lense of ritual. NetMAR takes place just as we are seeing a significant surge, and new trends, in the global discourse of heritage.