Marlen Michel

Marlen Michel is a doctoral student at the University of Bamberg. Her research interests lie in the mediation of medieval literature and language, Arthurian romances, rituals and representations of emotions. She is working under the supervision of Professor Dr. Ingrid Bennewitz and Dr. Detlef Goller. She is currently in the first phase of a dissertation entitled “Representation of Pain and Mourning in the Courtly Epic of the High Middle Ages”. In her work, Marlen will focus on the courtly novels “Erec” and “Iwein” by Hartmanns von Aue. Besides the aspects of gender research in connection with the medieval representation of emotions, she will also examine the representation of pain and mourning with regard to rituals and their descriptions. She is interested in which way rituals can be found in the texts and what functions they have for both the text itself and for the recipients. The focus will not only be on laments and their ritual representation of death but also on the representation of suffering and mourning in other contexts such as farewell, insult, or punishment. Marlen took the State examination for teaching at high schools in German and History and holds a BA in German Language, Literatures and Cultures from the University of Bamberg. She is currently working as a lecturer at the university and as a teacher at a school. She also works in the “MimaSch” project at the University of Bamberg. As part of this project, medieval topics are taught at schools and in public. For this purpose, she is part of a team organisinng project days and weeks as well as lectures are given that convey medieval life, history, language and literature.

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