Aspasia Skouroumouni Stavrinou

Aspasia Skouroumouni Stavrinou is a Postdoctoral Reseacher at the Centre for Medieval Arts & Rituals of the University of Cyprus, currently working on the MotherBreast and NetMAR Projects. She studied Classics at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (BA Hons. in Greek Philology, Distinction). She continued her studies at the University College London, where she obtained an MA in Classics (Distinction) and a PhD in Classics (Thesis’ title: Staging the Female: Studies in Female Space in Euripides). During the above studies, she has received scholarships from the Hellenic Scholarship Foundation, the Cyprus Scholarship Foundation and the Onassis Foundation. She has taught various subjects related to the ancient Greek language, literature and civilization at universities of the UK (UCL, Kings College) and Cyprus (University of Cyprus, Open University of Cyprus). She has also acted as academic advisor for modern productions of ancient Greek drama (London Bloomsbury Theatre Productions). Her research interests focus on ancient Greek literature and particularly ancient Greek drama (with emphasis on issues of performance technique, stagecraft, space, gender, modern reception), ancient Greek religion and ritual, and on the culture of motherhood and breastfeeding from antiquity to early Byzantium. She has published relevant studies in international journals and collective volumes.

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