Andria Andreou

Andria Andreou


Andria Andreou is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Cyprus. She obtained a BA (Byzantine and Modern Greek) and an MA (Byzantine Studies) from the University of Cyprus, before completing her MPhil in European Literature and Culture at Cambridge University. She is currently finishing an MBA at the Cyprus Institute of Marketing. Her PhD thesis, The Holy Double: Identity, Desire and Holiness in Byzantine Passions and Lives of Couplesapplies concepts drawn from psychoanalysis, performance and gender studies to explore the relationship between identity, desire and holiness in Lives and Passions of saintly couples. She has taught subjects related to Byzantine literature as a Special Scientist at the University of Cyprus. She has also worked as a Special Scientistat Vladimiros Kaukarides Drama School in the fields of Modern Greek and World Literature. She was awarded scholarships by the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (2018-2020), the University of Cyprus (2015-2016) and the Haute École en Sciences Sociales (2010). Her research focuses on gender, performance, the body, death, desire, dreams and emotions in Byzantine literature.

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