NetMAR 2nd Stakeholders Workshop, 9 November 2022

Members of the NetMAR consortium have planned workshops and meetings with interested stakeholders (industry, policy makers and public agencies) to define targets, limitations and prospects of collaboration.

The 2nd NetMAR Stakeholders Workshop will be held between 9:00 am and 12:30 pm in the morning of 9th November 2022 at the at the ‘Stelios Ioannou’ Learning Resource Centre – Library of the University of Cyprus.

This workshop will focus on mobilizing the living heritage of medieval arts and rituals. The keynote speaker will be Ms Patricia Alberth, Director of the Bamberg World Heritage Office. Ms Alberth will share her views on cultural heritage management and will suggest actions for using living heritage for sustainable development.

Ms Alberth’s talk will be followed by a roundtable session in the framework of which selected speakers will briefly share their views about how Cyprus cultural heritage can be preserved, mobilised, and used as a bridge between business and academia, yielding a societal and economic benefit. Such channels include cultural festivals, culinary initiatives, arts and crafts, galleries, and museums. Dr Stavroula Constantinou, the Project Coordinator of NetMAR, will moderate the roundtable session.

NetMAR is committed to soliciting the views and advice of experts from local industry and SMEs, from artists and artisans, local, municipal and state organisations from all over Cyprus. This workshop in a series of three events (the previous 1st workshop that took place in January 2022 and a networking conference that will take place in November 2023) will seek to do exactly that, and we would be honoured and grateful to have you with us.

To register, please fill in the form here:

The workshop will be in English.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at netmar(at)

For a printable version of the invitation and the agenda please click here.

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