The Network for Medieval Arts & Rituals is celebrating a year of NetMAR Blog!

The NetMAR Blog, which has published thirteen texts so far, is committed to finding exciting and interesting ways of communicating expert and original research into medieval arts and rituals to wider audiences. #NetMAR blog posts are published at the end of each month and are available on our website: www.netmar.cy/blog.

Visit our blog site to find fascinating answers to a series of interesting questions such as the following:

  • Why should anyone study the medieval past? What can this past reveal? What has changed and what has persevered?
  • How do we find, access, and make sense of medieval written records?
  • What kind of heritage do ancient and medieval texts constitute? What makes ancient and medieval textual records special? Why do these sources deserve our attention?
  • What might Marina Abramović, Maria Callas, and late antique and Byzantine female martyrs have in common?
  • How do the Middle Ages fascinate time narrative travellers? What can their journeys to the past teach us?
  • What does the Holy Grail have to do with ritual and meals?
  • What is ‘linguistic medievalism’? And what can it show us?
  • What lies behind coronation rituals? Why are they important? What do they hide and what do they reveal?
  • How do arts and rituals interact in the reception geographical works?
  • When did French sensitivity to the significance of medieval architectural patrimony emerge? How does Gothic architecture become a timeless symbol of national unity?
  • Why do images in the only fully illuminated manuscript of the Nibelungenlied include reception and farewell scenes instead of action scenes?

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