Image created by Alexander Pelz

The past is a foreign country: Medievalism and Time Travel Narratives

By Sarah Böhlau.
From the moment the time travel narrative entered human imagination at the end of the 19th century, opening doors to both past and future, the medieval period has held a special point of interest for many storytellers. Examining the foreign period through the lens of temporal tourism provides a unique way to relate to the past – and rituals are important support structures in this journey.

Call for papers: NetMAR at ICM 2022

The international Network for Medieval Arts and Rituals (NetMAR) is seeking to organise a session at the 57th International Congress of Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, 9-14 May, 2022. Drawing on the founding premise of NetMAR – that medieval arts (visual, performing, and literary) cannot be sufficiently or productively understood unless they are examined together and in relation to rituals and that rituals are better comprehended within the framework of their associated arts – the proposed session invites proposals for papers that investigate the intersections between medieval rituals and artworks (visual, performing, and literary). For more information, please contact: Stavroula Constantinou ( For a full CFP, and for information on how to submit a proposal for this panel please keep reading below.